Jan 4, 2011

The three-days fast: Day 2

It has been 48 hours now. Although the morning was rough, I felt better in the evening. I feel like someone has tied a rope around my stomach and pulled it tight. It seems to be too crammed together to feel hunger the way hunger normally feels. I'm still know I'm hungry, but in a different way. It is he kind that you know if ate you would feel energized, but not the kind where your intestines are crying out for something to process. Speaking of that, I'm beginning to feel my digestive system begin to turn off, but not completely. I expect that to happen tomorrow.

Spiritually speaking, I'm growing. I haven't had angels come down and minister to me today, but I have had some beneficial experiences. I find the most comforting thing to do while fasting is to praise God in worship. It helps me forget about my stomach, which is overcome by a sense of God's presence in a way that gives me strength to go on. Moreover, I've been fighting myself with strength I didn't even know I had.

One thing I've been learning is that fasting is not about learning to never desire pleasurable things again but about temporarily setting aside what I want to seek and focus on God. I may still desire pleasant things, but God will give me the strength to want what he wants more than what I desire and to temporarily not satisfy those desires for the glory of God.

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