Jan 1, 2011

Day 1

Today I began the Daniel fast. As I said earlier, I will begin the three-day fast on Monday or Tuesday, but today and tomorrow I will Daniel fast (as I'm working). I've decided to try taking out all breads and see how it goes. All is fine so far.

After work I ate some veggie soup. To be honest, I had about three bowls. I told myself I was doing it to prevent getting too hungry. Afterward, it began to eat away at me. I'm supposed to be denying hunger, not preventing it. New tactic: eat one serving, two tops. This normal portion will make me feel hunger later on.

Normally, I have a nighttime snack. As I was reading a book on Christian living a couple of hours ago, I began to feel this ever so slight desire for a snack creep in on me. No. I know I am allowed to have snacks, but personally, I want to avoid them. Especially if they're the kind to undermine what I'm trying to do. There it was again. Eat chocolate. Eat an apple. Eat anything other than the vegetables you have been eating all day long. No. I will find a new source of food---spiritual nourishment from God.

As I sat there controlling my appetite, I was feeding spirit. The Christian book I was reading helped me put some disjointed ideas together and come to some conclusions about things I've been really thinking about. I'm discovering who I am in Christ, that I am not whatever career path I choose; I belong to Christ. He is in me. This is something I really wanted to get out of this fast. I look forward to seeing more clearly who I am in Christ.

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