Jan 13, 2011

Day 13: natural sores and cures

Supper tonight served to confirm a suspicion I've always had. As I ate each spoonful of the red gravy, the roof of my mouth began to sting and swell. What was going on? The inside of my mouth already has had a rash in it since I ate a tropical dressing a couple of days ago. One thing was consistent. Tonight's dinner contained coconut oil and the homemade tropical dressing was made with blended fresh coconut. Even when I was little I couln't eat too much coconut or my mouth would feel strange. Because I've been eating a greater variety of fruits more often, I've made the following discovery: I am alergic to coconuts. This is kind of sad, but at least the fast has allowed me to know this for sure.

Usually, whenever it feels like someone has stuffed bubble wrap up inside the roof of my mouth, I eat some wheat germ. The vitamin E in wheat germ reduces for me any mouth sores such as cold sores and allergic oral reactions. However, I won't eat wheat or other grains as I've chosen to go beyond just avoiding leaven prducts (bread) because that would not be a big deal for me; I wanted to do something more. I do miss my wheat germ. On the other hand, I ate an apple and some pomegranate seeds which seems to have helped quite a bit. I never realized just how many facets of my life this fast would affect.

On the positive side , one of the wonderful effects I've noticed is an ability to hear God's voice more clearly. Though far from perfect, I'm discovering a certain clarity that is stronger than usual. As I journey onward, I hope to receive even more blessings while setting aside some of my wants.

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