Jan 12, 2011

Day 12: Past the half-way mark

I'm over half-way through the fast now. Here are some of things I've learned so far:
  • There are plenty of delicious options from only vegetation, and one can actually get filled up on them without relying on meats to do this job.
  • Physically, I feel better than ever. I can stretch easily and my stamina has increased as well.
  • When I draw close to God, he draws close to me. The deeper I dig, the more golden nuggets (of wisdom) I find. I knew this before, but it is worth mentioning.
  • Abstaining from media has a liberating nature to it. I feel almost like I'm gaining part of my brain back that I didn't know I had let "turn to mush" as they say. Though at times inconvenient, I am learning to do without.
  • Media fasting has brought my family together.
  • Jesus is stronger than I am. I definitely need his grace, especially to do something like the three (or more) days normal fast again.
I look forward to the second half and pray that it will be even better than the first. I hope to learn even more as I continue in this journey.

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