Jan 19, 2011

Day 19: Gorging on veggies, healthy habit or transformed addiction?

There is a trend I've been noticing in my eating habits, which can be illustrated by the meals I've had over the past two days. At 3pm today, I ate my first meal, a banana. For supper, I filled myself with a banana, yam steak fries, hummus, salad, an apple, and vegetable broth. Yesterday was similar. I ate green lentil soup for breakfast and again at school for lunch. I imagine to the other students it must have appeared most unappetizing, but there was a lot of zest hiding in that greenish muck. When I came home that day, there was on the table were set a large bowl of colorful corn salad and a gigantic pot of mashed potatoes. I relished that feast and even pumped down a healthy dessert. I've been finding myself consuming small portions during the day and then enjoying piles of delicious vegetables in the evenings. I believe this is some form of my desire for evening snacking resurfacing. However, as they are all healthy foods, I don't believe this is going to be a problem. If it is a habit I will want to break, I'm going to need to do something different, because, as this case shows, old habits do not die easily. They may just take on new forms.

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