Jan 20, 2011

Day 20: Rediscovering my hobby

As I've said before, the media fast has driven me to find other means of recreation. After years of collecting dust, I've decided to break out the beads and create jewelry again.

One of my favorite shops in all Grand Rapids is Little Bohemia. They carried beads, fashion clothing, incense sticks, and unique global home decor. Unfortunately, I've been so busy that I have not made time to visit it in quite a while. I walked there the other day, only to find realty signs posted over empty windows. I felt very sad and slightly guilty for not having stopped by more often.

Still somewhat disappointed, I hopped onto Google to see what other beads stores might be in the area. There, only a few blocks further, tucked into a corner I should have noticed by now, was a shop called Bohemia Too. It had to be the same shop! Delighted, I rushed to it so fast I forgot to check the hours. When I got there, I was an hour early. Oh well. I decided to come back after I finished my classes.

Finally, the hour came. I stepped nervously up to the door of the shop. Pushing open the wooden door, I was encompassed by the beloved familiar atmosphere. The fashion clothing still draped from the racks. The decorations inspired by ethnic cultures around the world still sat charmingly on display.

"Hello," I greeted the cashier, whom I suspected was the owner, "I went to your other store only to find it had closed."

"We moved two years ago. You should have come back," the cashier replied with a hint of disappointed, as if to say, we really could have used your help. It was sort of a cold welcome but I shrugged it off. Nothing was going to undermine my joy in rediscovering this long-lost shop.

The beads were downstairs that made the shop bigger than one would assume from outside. Table after table were filled with cartons of beads and charms. I spent an hour inspecting them and gathering ideas. This seemed like a lot of time, but it was time I would otherwise spend watching tv.

I selected about a tablespoon of beads altogether, themed around my passion to travel. Tonight, I strung them together into the necklace I had envisioned while I was shopping. I would say the most challenging but most enjoyable part of the whole process was designing how the necklace was going to look.

It may be a slightly expensive new hobby, but it has brought to memory the creativity and fun of crafting. In fact, I have another idea for a necklace that I can't wait to go back to try out. Most importantly, I want to continue some form of the media fast after it ends tomorrow. I am not going to stay away from tv completely, but I am going to reduce my intake so I can focus on more creative works.

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