Jan 21, 2011

Day 21: Conclusion

I've learned a lot in this fast: both physically and spiritually.
healthy body
hear God's voice more clearly
Fasting takes an effort to be more than a diet
sugarless, natural sweetness is tasteable
it was a delicious culinary adventure
I lost 5 pounds
I've found better means of entertainment
The daniel fast is good for the environment as it is renewable waste
Jesus is stronger than me
I gave up things and got benefits

disconnect world and connect to God-disconnect yes, connect maybe
spiritually dry-overall no, but today yes
direction-its a process
in christ-yes

These past twenty-one days have taught me many things spiritually and physically. On the spiritual side, I went into this fast desiring to recharge my spiritual zeal. Although I gained a number of benefits, I feel as though I would have received more from this fast if I had sought God more. Even though I kept the dietary end of it, overall I let my devotion time remain the same. I feel as though my spirit grew in knowledge as steadily as if I was not fasting. However, I have noticed God's voice becoming clearer to me in small ways, ways that will train me to distinguish his leading from that of others, as I continue on my journey to follow Christ. I believe he is telling me things in smaller matters before he begins to show me the larger ones. Most of my revelation came during the three-days fast when I set apart that time to solely seek Him. Although I did not receive everything I would have liked to from this fast, I have received spiritual guidance and a better understanding of who I am in Christ.

Fasting is not only about connecting to God, but also about disconnecting from the world. I have found this part refreshing. Refreshing, because my brain is less polluted with this world's garbage--the profanity and vanity in movies, the unending gossip and disrespect for authority of tabloids, and other junk I can do without. It has given me a chance to draw away from the tube and draw toward smaller tubes, namely, beads. Not only have I returned to my hobbies, I have found that playing various games and puzzles has brought my family together. The fellowship around a puzzle is clean fun just as relaxing as television.

This fast has had a cleansing effect on my body as well as my spirit. My muscles have more endurance and flexibility than before. Despite generous portions, I have lost five pounds, whereas I was estimating I might lose three pounds.

I would say the high point of this fast was the new menu. Necessity is the mother of innovation, and I ate a lot of unique, colorful, tasty dishes. Now that my tongue has not tasted sugar cane products for three weeks, fruits that once tasted sour, such as grapefruit and frozen strawberries, actually taste sweet. It is so nice to be able to enjoy the natural sugar without mixing it with other sugar to bring up the taste. All these fruits and vegetables have also made for a much more environmentally responsible waste basket, our garden compost bowl. If eating new food was the easiest, then the part about not-eating was something entirely different.

The hardest part, but not the low point, was definitely the three days fast. I never want to do something like that again, but I may be willing to if necessary. Jesus' love for me has taken on a whole new depth after that experience. I admire Jesus for going the whole forty days. It's invigorating to think that the same Spirit that empowered him now lives in me.

Overall, this fast has blessed me, both spirit and body. If I decide to participate next year, I am going to need to make a firmer effort to seek God more.

Tomorrow, I'm sure, will present new challenges. What will it be like to go back? Already it almost feels wrong to eat a slice of toast with sugared jam on top. Still, I look forward to it with anticipation. What will I do? Will I keep going on? Will I not? Will I be able to enjoy these foods again? How will my body react?

Only time will tell . . .

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