Jan 7, 2011

Day 7

I've come to the one-week marker of this fast. Today, however, it has not really felt like a fast to me. There were a lot of tasty fancy foods presented to me today. I made myself a nice salad for breakfast. For lunch I was offered a free pass to a cafeteria while on a college campus. I went straight to the vegan section and topped my salad with a mound of tomatoes, chickpeas, split peas, green peas, gourmet raisins, and shredded carrots. When I sat down, the student next to me asked, "Are you a vegetarian?" I knew that question would be coming, so I prepared my answer in advance. "No," I said, "I just wanted a lot of vegetables today." Which was true. I didn't tell her I wanted to eat veggies for the next fourteen days. I got so full that the salad kept me over till supper, which was another filling dish of boiled butternut squash soup with cranberries, kalamata olives, beans, and other creative ingredients. On the side we had, yes, salad, with a homemade dressing.

I thought at that point, "okay, now I will not eat anything more." However, the youth group Access has just changed its leadership, and the new pastor invited us all over to his house. There, delicately placed on the kitchen table were an assortment of vegetables and dips. The new pastor, Blake, announced that the snacks were carefully made to be "fast-approved" for those members of the church who were participating. Admittedly, I had my fair share. I couldn't help feeling a little guilty for stuffing myself.

Daniel fasted from desirable foods. With so many good options out there now, I am battling with how to define "desirable" because I desire all the foods I've been presented with. Technically, I can eat all of them in any amount, so in that sense I didn't break my fast. Still, they are appealing. I think I'll try to be less liberal tomorrow and study more. I am going to need to find a balance here, especially when I do activities where food is a given.

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